Introducing the easy-to-use U-500 KwikPen

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No dose conversion

The new Humulin R U-500 KwikPen dials and doses the insulin units prescribed. Similar to other insulin pens,1 there's no dose conversion with the U-500 KwikPen. If you prescribe 100 units of U-500 with this KwikPen, the patient will dial to 100 to get the insulin needed. In contrast, if you prescribe 100 units with the U-500 vial and the U-100 insulin syringe, the patient would draw to the 20-unit marking.

Designed for high-dose insulin needs2

Only1 the Humulin R U-500 KwikPen is designed to deliver up to 300 units in a single injection for the high-dose needs of severely insulin-resistant patients. It also holds 1500 units of insulin in every pen—the same amount as five U-100 pens.1

How it’s different from other pens3

The aqua pen body makes the U-500 KwikPen stand out from other insulin pens to reduce the potential for confusion.3 In addition, it’s the only pen that dials in 5-unit increments.1

How it’s similar to other KwikPens

Although it holds more units of insulin, the U-500 KwikPen is the same size as other KwikPens.


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